Benton Clean Air Agency


Burning, whether done indoors for heat or outdoors for recreation, creates unhealthful air pollution. Before burning, you need to know if burning is allowed and under what circumstances. By following the rules, you will keep smoke emissions to a minimum and avoid a potentially costly fine.

Agricultural Burning
In this section learn more about:

  • Agricultural Burning Best Manage Practices
  • Agricultural Burning Rules and permits

Outdoor Burning
In this section, learn more about:

  • Outdoor burning in Benton County – what’s allowed, what’s not
  • Residential, Land Clearing
  • Alternatives to burning
  • Health effects of burning – what you should know

Woodstoves and Fireplaces
In this section learn more about:

  • Key facts about wood heating
  • Air quality requirements related to wood burning
  • Limits on visible chimney smoke (opacity limits)

Outdoor Burning Fact Sheets